Our School - Literacy Intervention

Reading Recovery is a short-term, early literacy intervention, which helps students in Year One who have not yet established effective reading and writing processes.

At St. Therese’s, students are selected for Reading Recovery based on individual assessments and teacher judgement. Their classroom literacy program is then supplemented with one-to-one lessons of 30 minutes, five times a week. The series of lessons runs for 12–20 weeks with a specially trained teacher.

The lessons consist of a variety of reading
and writing experiences designed to help students develop effective reading and writing strategies. Reading Recovery continues until the student has demonstrated the use of more independent reading and writing strategies. The student’s intervention is then ’discontinued’, providing the opportunity for another student to be selected for Reading Recovery.

The remarkable progress made by students participating in Reading Recovery demonstrates that high percentages of students at risk
can achieve success. The key to success is intervention with specialised teaching that will enable students to improve quickly. This, together with a commitment to the daily home reading task, ensures that the student has every opportunity to become a successful reader and writer.

Adapted from the Reading Recovery Implementation Guidelines, CEO Melbourne, 2012